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Painting house Interior

More About Us ...

A Team of Skilled and Experienced Painters

At The Painting Team, we have teams of skilled painters with a wealth of experience in both our residential and commercial services and are ready to take on any challenge set out to be delivered in the time frame set. Your budget is also equally important to us and we always strive to make sure that our prices are the most competitive in the market. We have offered our painting contractor services to a long list of different industries, with our portfolio of clients including hospitals, schools, shopping centres, offices, amongst others.


With The Painting Team you get

  • Highly skilled workmanship and applicators with top-quality finishes

  • Excellent customer service, going above and beyond for our clients, aiming to exceed expectations

  • Top of the range quality paint systems with guarantees in place, following industry best practice

  • Efficiently run projects, completed on time and ahead of schedule

  • Affordability with a hassle-free experience for our clients



Discover the advantage of working with The Painting Team 

your choice selection of Painting Specialists

and call to get going 076 209 8055

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